Complaint Form


Preliminary Complaint Form Process

 In order to assist you, please answer  every question answered to the fullest and best of your ability.  Additional information may be requested after the initial review.   Please be accurate and truthful in reporting the facts to us concerning your complaint. We will refer your complaint to the Legal Redress Committee Chairperson. When you get to the section of the form that requires you to “Explain in detail what happened to you” please be as brief as possible. Provide only enough information for us to get the gist of what happened. You will have an opportunity later to meet with a representative and give more details about your complaint.

Your complaint does not create an attorney client relationship. Submission of a complaint does not mean that the NAACP has accepted your case. You will be notified.

If you are seeking a legal resolution, you should consult an attorney or the appropriate government agency (e.g. EEOC or OFCCP) regarding your case as soon as possible, as there are certain filing deadlines that must be adhered to in order to file a case in court. We are able to make referrals to the appropriate agency.

Know that your complaint is important. The NAACP will evaluate your complaint in our continuing effort to ensure civil rights for all Snohomish County residents, in accordance with the NAACP’s mission.

Please be advised that we cannot proceed with any investigation without these completed documents. However, if you have difficulty filling out this form please let us know and someone will contact to assist.

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 You may also mail in your complaint form:

C/O Legal Redress Chair Snohomish County Branch

P.O. Box 5676

Everett, WA 98206-5676

Thank you for contacting the Snohomish County Branch of the NAACP.