Youth Development Program

Youth Development Program

The Youth Development Program (YDP) is a joint initiative between NAACP Snohomish County Branch and Everett Community College's Diversity and Equity Center.

The purpose is to educate students of African decent through history, mentorship, and community building.

The program is every Saturday for 8 weeks. It is a cohort based experience where students learn academic, professional, and life skills from professionals and volunteers that look like them. We use volunteers from the community, to help educate and mentor each youth. Our volunteers come from different career paths and backgrounds to offer youth a comprehensive support system throughout the program. (If you are interested in volunteering please click this link to send an email to our membership chair)

We encourage all students of African descent, that are currently attending High School to apply. There is no registration fee for this program. If selected, students will receive a scholarship towards their college expenses after successful completion of the program.

If you are a parent or youth interested in applying, please complete the form located at this link. You may also contact YDP lead coordinator, Jerod Grant - Everett Community College's Director of Diversity and Equity at